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Botched by the Visuals

December 24, 2009 Leave a comment
MacPro vs Hackingtosh

Gizmodo: MacPro vs Hackingtosh

The fine folks at Gizmodo are running story titled The Best Alternatives to Every Apple Product. Curiosity killed the cat. And they nearly killed mine (the curiosity, not the cat). The comparisons are, in general, somewhat bland, but they leave the best for last: the “Mac Pro ($2,500) -> Hackintosh (far less $$$)”.

While the pictures accompanying each item are clearly not intended to be accurately representative (I suppose), the one for the MacPro item is somewhat misleading (or incorrect, depending on your take).

The MacPro on the left is placed opposite to a futuristic-looking system, which does look sassy. The case turns out to be Thermaltake’s Level 10 case. I almost want one. Newegg, always ready to provide some pricing guidance, breaks the news: the case itself sells for $849 (free shipping), but it’s only available as part of a DIY PC Combo. Ah, yes: $4,663.99. I haven’t compared CPU/memory/etc specs: that’s not the point.

Pictures (like, apparently, Gizmodo’s post) are filler, and no one is likely going to argue that they buy Apple products because they’re price sensitive, but pictures also offer context and visual clues (and are supposed to not be, at a minimum, fallacious).

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